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Our working

Our processes are all guaranteed in centesimal tolerance with cutting-edge machinery and all completely equipped with linear scales that allow us to work pieces of small and medium-sized to cover racing processing of X = 1270 mm Y = 670 mm Z = 650 mm with vertical centers , X = 1000 mm Y = 550 mm with tangential grinding and also our strength, the department electric wire erosion that ensures accuracy and repeatability, enables us to perform work up to the races of X = 750 mm Y = 550 mm and a cutting height of H = 400 mm.

Each work center and electric wire erosion is connected via the network to the device CAD 3D and its CAM 3D for the manufacture of parts among the most complex. The versatility of our company allows us to work many types of materials from plastics (Teflon, PVC, bakelite, etc..), aluminum and alloys (CNC, anticorodal), bronze copper and all kinds of steel also hardened steels up to 62 HRC.

Over the years we also developed some experience in design and construction of molds and dies shearing bending, reaching even to installation , even to if our specialty is machining design details.

The fields of applications where RTBsrl exercises are now several, exchangers and industrial conditioning front panels for appliances tanks and sinks of all kinds of stainless steel for industry, construction electrodes copper rubber processing machines manufacture of soap and many others.


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